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Scot-Tel have close partnerships with the leading wireless manufacturers and can offer a range of options in the choice of wireless deployment from the latest wireless products.
Scot-Tel can:
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Install
  • Support
your wireless investment to ensure your satisfaction & expectations.
Wireless gives:
  • point to point connectivity providing 20Mbps – 368Mbps up to 30km
  • point to point connectivity providing > 2Gbps using latest generation wireless products
    Why Wireless?
  1. Cost effective over wired alternatives.
  2. High data rates.
  3. Flexible can be moved from location to location.
  4. Quick to install - can be installed in 1 or 2 days.
  5. Can be financed as a capital cost with minimal yearly costs or a yearly lease as required.
  6. Very reliable with maintenance and performance parameters fully available at all times for customer visibility.
  7. Upgrade options available which can be enabled when customer data rate demands this.
Scot-Tel recommend the Motorola range of point to point wireless products but we are independent and can supply a wide range of Wireless products to meet your requirements or specific requests.
Wireless Links

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