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Count on Motorola's comprehensive enterprise Wireless LAN line for all your mobility needs.
Whether you have a single office or a worldwide network, you can stay mobile and connected with Motorola's family of award-winning Wireless LAN products.
  • AP300
    Wireless Access Port
  • AP-5131
    Wireless Access Point
  • AP-7131
    Wireless Access Point
  • AP-5181
    Outdoor Access Point
Motorola AP300 Motorola's AP300 delivers rich 802.11a/b/g connectivity,
working in conjunction with Motorola’s wireless switches
as the point of connection between your mobile devices
and your wireless LAN.

This thin next-generation access port is a low-cost device
that is centrally and remotely managed through a Motorola
wireless switch.

Rapid configuration and the ability to quickly and easily
upgrade the devices to support new functionality, features
and security protocols substantially reduces the cost of
deploying, implementing and managing your wireless LAN,
while significantly increasing features, functionality and
security of your wireless LAN infrastructure.
AP-5131 Simple to deploy, the AP-5131 Wireless Access Point offers 802.11a/b/g wireless networking flexibility, the latest wired and wireless security standards, and the speed required to support the most demanding applications, including voice and video.

Remote employees in branch offices, small businesses and telecommuters working from home enjoy secure connectivity to the Internet and corporate private networks from desktops, notebooks and other mobile devices.

Enterprise users can take advantage of the AP-5131's mesh features to extend corporate networks to difficult-to-cable areas.
AP-7131 The AP-7131 802.11a/b/g/n Access Point delivers the throughput, coverage and resiliency required to build an
all-wireless enterprise. The tri-radio modular design provides support for high-speed wireless voice and data services, mesh networking and non-data applications such as IPS.

The fully DFS compliant 802.11n Draft 2.0 AP-7131 offers speeds up to 600 Mbps per Access Point— six times the bandwidth of an 802.11a/g Access Point.

The Adaptive AP architecture allows the device to offer two modes of operation, without any firmware change — either as a stand-alone access point or as a wireless switch adopted access point for centralised management.
AP-5181 Extend high performance wireless voice and data services beyond and between buildings — without the expense of installing additional cable or fibre.

Designed for use in the harshest environments, the AP-5181 Outdoor Access Point offers the cost-effective, secure and safe extension of the corporate network in outdoor areas, such as expansive yards, as well as in the hazardous environments commonly found in the petrochemical, oil and gas, utilities industries.

Support for wireless mesh enables the connection of two wired networks, simplifying the creation of complex
multi-node, multi-link networks.

Reduce your network costs yet expand your network reach with Motorola’s AP-5181 Outdoor Access Point.

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