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MRV 5000
Scot-Tel offer supply and support of Free Space
Optical links such as the MRV range of products
MRV is the world leader in developing and providing Free Space Optics
(FSO or Optical Wireless) systems for both the enterprise and carrier market.

As well, MRV has recently introduced a complementary (or stand alone) dual-band RF wireless system.

Free Space Optics transmits data using modulated laser light in a fashion similar to fiber optic communications.

This allows ultra-high speed wireless transmission at full wire-line data rates.

In addition, the narrow and invisible laser beam makes it the most secure means of wireless communication.

MRV has used expertise in fiber optic transponder technology to produce the most cutting edge Free Space Optics systems in the industry.

This includes the industry's first 10 Gig wireless system — the TereScope® 10G.


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