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Scot-Tel can supply and support your two way 2–way radio communications requirements.

This type of communication has many benefits:
  • can be carried from one place to another and are easy to operate
  • instantly access any field personnel at any time
  • improves the productivity and the efficiency with which the organization and its staff operate due to faster communication
  • most effective means of communication for security requirements
  • reduces operational communication costs

PMR  Radio
Scot-Tel can design, supply and support trunked radio solutions such as the MPT1327 solution.

MPT 1327 solution delivers county-wide radio coverage with telephone-grade speech quality, it also provides telephone integration, an automatic vehicle location capability and data facilities with mobilising message delivery in under 2.5 seconds.

MPT 1327 trunking is ideally suited for providing individual or group calls, it offers fast call set up time along with a wide range of advanced features and

Examples of such features include emergency and priority call management, status messaging, dynamic regrouping of users, and data/text messaging.
Triple Monitor

MPT 1327 uses a digital control channel with analogue voice channels.
The digital control channel provides a data gateway that allows enhanced features including security and subscriber verification, mobile data communications, system administration, and seamless multi-site roaming.

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